FINALLY!... World-Class 
ISO 9001 Training... 
Without the Headaches and Hassle.

Get your hands on the best ISO 9001 training in a virtual setting with all the benefits of hiring a on-site consultant.


If you're a business leader or quality manager and want to shave countless hours and costs from you quality management system...this is the most important page you will ever read.
And this is EXACTLY why...

Maintaining a Quality Management System That Actually Produces Results Can Be A Costly Pain In The Backside...Even With A Highly Competent Quality Manager!

Telling isn't training...and good training for your employee base can cost thousands of dollars.

70% - 90% of the training isn't even retained following a course, requiring additional time for repeat learning.

You've heard consultants like myself aren't cheap...and are often necessary to get from A to Z.

Ineffective training leads to repeat nonconformance - requiring even more time and resources.

Most employees don't even know what a Quality Management System really is (if you don't believe me...go ask them and see what response you get!).

You get my get's better.

I've Been In Those Classes Before...

I remember when I first got into the Quality Management Systems arena...I was a QMS Manager and remember sitting in a classroom...bored and stressed at the same time...just thinking...

"If I knew we were just going to read over the requirements...I wouldn't have paid $1200 for this!"

I knew the content was important....and my company really needed me to bring value back to the business...but it was way too much to really a short time...with zero support afterward.

All The Questions I Really Needed to Ask Came To Mind After The Class Was Over!

It never failed.  Every time I went to one of these classes, I would leave feeling like I understood...

...believing I took good enough notes to get by.

But as soon as I got back and started to get to work....

...I had questions!

I knew the instructor mentioned "something about something", but there was no way I was going to remember what it was...

...and there was no number to call to ask questions

I was stuck.

I Wanted To Create Something That Would've Saved Me When I Was Learning This Stuff!

So after nearly 15 years of auditing, training, and consulting, I wanted to create something I wish I had "back in the day" as I was growing through the ranks...

... I wanted to break the traditional "course" model...

...I wanted to create a QMS coaching model....

....a model that combined convenient instruction and continued access that continued well after the "content learning" was over...

That is what this program is all about.


Whether you're looking to simply roll out ISO 9001 training for all your personnel, developing your implementation strategy, or looking for effective Internal Auditor're in the right place!

This program is also a great support for your existing quality management efforts, providing all the training, guidance and support to assist your current quality pros!

You're Probably Thinking "But Is This Program Really Right For Me?"

Have you heard nightmares about ISO 9001 and are hesitant to get things moving forward?    

Is your organization stuck in the "do it because ISO said so" mindset and missing the big picture when it comes to quality management?

Have previous managers or employees created a monster QMS that you're now challenged to simplify?    

Are you new to quality management and want to see what all the fuss is about?    

Have you been tasked with implementing an ISO 9001 quality management system with few resources and even less expertise?    

Are you hesitant to hire a consultant, because know when they leave things will begin to slip backwards?    

Are you in need for annual Internal Auditor Training without the expense of sending your team on expensive trips out of town?    

Are you tired of your QMS being "extra work" and ready to finally start making it work for you?      

Well...if ANY of the above sound remotely familiar, you're in the right place!  

This course was developed to show you the effective side of ISO 9001.  Participants in this program will learn the essentials plus best practices from a certified ISO Lead Auditor and Experienced Consultant - who also happens to be our CEO!

Seriously...Here's Just Some of What We'll Cover Together In Addition To The ISO 9001 Requirements...

  • How to get the most out of ISO 9001, even if most people aren't on board (module 1)
  • Why most business chase their Quality Management System around like a runaway cat...and how to avoid it. (module 1)
  • What all organizations really look like inside if you squint really hard and pay attention. (module 1)
  • What the baby-boomer generation showed us about quality management...and the lesson you MUST learn from it! (module 
  • How to eliminate mass confusion from your communication process, with one simpple step. (module 5)
  • What fast food can teach us about ISO 9001...and why it matters (module 4)
  • What you should NEVER tell your workforce to do during audits....hint: you're probably doing it now. (module 8)
  • The top three places where you're likely to have a nonconformance...and how to fix it starting right now! (module 7)
  • How to take advantage of the most underutilized tool in your QMS toolbox...and it costs NOTHING! (module 5)
  • Sooooo much more!

I'm Kevin Shabaar Smith, and I'm Going to Be Your Coach!

Kevin Shabaar Smith

  • Owner/CEO, The Kevin Shabaar Smith Co. & Leaderstone Brand Coaching
  • M.B.A Penn State University 
  • Certified Executive Coach, Trainer and Speaker
  • Certified ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 Trainer and Lead Auditor
  • Certified Human Capital Strategist
  • Certified Senior Professional in Human Resources
  • Lean Operations Champion
  • Six Sigma  Green Belt
  • Simplifier of Business Stuff

"But What EXACTLY Do We Get When We Sign Up?"
Well...Glad You Asked!

ALL participants...yes...ALL participants receive access to the following...
  • 8 foundational video training modules covering all sections of the of the ISO 9001 standard.
  • Training that satisfies all training requirements (and then some) for your employees
  • Exclusive access to the online learning center where all content is stored for you.
  • Online content available to all participants 24/7
  • Discussion forums to post questions and get answers 7 days a week
  • Video technology that allows our participants to actually search for content INSIDE all videos
  • Complete access to ALL content and live coaching calls for an ENTIRE YEAR!
  • Certificates of Completion for your training records

Save Time on Your Internal Auditor Training!  
This program counts towards your optional Internal Auditor Training that includes:

  • FREE 1/2 Day refresher and Q&A session on the Foundations Program material.
  • Full-day LIVE Internal Auditing Class
  • Exclusive Access to recorded auditor training videos to refer back to anytime
  • Certificates of completion showing requirements for Internal Auditor training have been satisfied
  • Private auditing discussion board to discuss nonconformities and get help when you need it.

Now For The Best Part! .....

This is a class that I normally charge $197 per person to access, but today I'm offing it to you for only $47 per person!


We're your quality manager's. best friend! We do the training and allow them to work their magic inside your organization. No more rushing to fit training in, or worrying about how to make sure every is on the same page.  WE GOT YOU COVERED. And let's face it...employees often respond better to external voices when it comes to this type of stuff.

You'll be given exclusive access to our online learning center.  Every week we will release a new module for you to access!  You'll receive an email letting you know the next module is ready, so there's no worrying about missing one! Once you have completed all the modules, you can access any of them anytime...for an entire year!

We recognize that time is often a factor in getting the training completed.  But in our experience, releasing modules this way is best for virtual learning.  It allows participants to take in the material, re-watch videos if necessary, and avoid the overwhelm that comes with trying to bing and understand the material.  We have found that when students are presented with all of the content at once, participation and completion rates drop significantly.

No worries! We've got your back! Inside the learning center, there is a discussion forum where you can post questions.  We monitor these questions and answer as quickly as possible.

No, the audit course is LIVE and on video conference.  The best part is that since all participants of the audit course have taken the overview course....we can do the auditing portion in ONE DAY!

After every module, there are optional assessments.  These are not exams, but basic questions to ensure participants went through and understand the basics of the content.   Although the assessments are optional, Certificates of Completion will only be given to those who complete them. IMPORTANT:  All auditor students MUST complete the assessments in this course before moving on to the auditing component.

The auditing course has different assessment to ensure understanding.

Once all the participants in an organization have completed the course, you will schedule a call to register for the auditing class.  There is an additional fee for the auditing program.

Yes.  All the content (both recorded and live) is delivered by Kevin Smith.  He is a certified trainer and auditor.  Upon completion of the course, you will receive a copy of his credentials to show your third-party auditor if required.