Executive coaching is the secret sauce for elite level leadership and performance.  For leaders who want to take their work to the next level, there is no better way to see the path forward.  Take your first step right now.

Hiring an Executive Coach may be the best thing you've done for yourself or your business...and here's why...

Whether you're an entrepreneur flying solo, or a leading an entire team or organization....there is a simple truth in business...

A business can never outperform the level of its leadership.

So if the level of success can never exceed your level of performance, you need to be functioning at a high level.  But if you can't see yourself as you really are...with 100% can't raise your game.

..enter your executive coach.

What is Executive Coaching Like With Kevin Shabaar Smith?

Working with an experienced executive coach is your secret sauce for achieving game-changing results. Some of the most wildly successful companies and entrepreneurs on the planet rely on executive coaching services to raise their performance to the the next level.

Partnering with Kevin Shabaar Smith, you’ll get 2-3 meetings every month with the guidance you need to stay on pace for your goals over period of 12-18 months.  During these meetings, you’ll define a series of goals and a crystal clear action plan to achieve them.  

Together, we'll work to break through limiting beliefs that could be holding you back and identify opportunities and strategies for creating massive business growth.

Is Executive Coaching For Me?

Executive Coaching is a strong tool.  It helps executives at all levels gain a critical understanding of themselves, their performance and how to craft a high-performance mindset.  This is a great resource for you if...

  • you're a new entrepreneur or business leader and are looking for assistance in navigating your new role.
  • iyour a business leader feeling stuck and in need to regain some massive momnetum.
  • you're a business owner or CEO and want to provide your team of executives with the secret sauce for higher performance
  • you understand mindset is the underlying key to your success, and want to stay sharp an ahead of the pack
  • you're looking to increase revenue, innovation, creativity and performance in your organization

BUT...I'm NOT For Everyone! (read that again)

A "good fit" between coach and client is a must when it comes to executive coaching...

...and I'm not a good fit for everyone!

I am 100% committed to my clients - and to become a client you have to be 100% committed to the process.

I will NOT be a good fit for you if...

  • If you are looking for someone who will show up and cheer you on as you grab hold to the status quo...I'm not for you.  A good executive coach is there to listen, help you dig deeper, and challenge the beliefs that could be getting in your way.
  • If you're just kicking the tires to see what it's like, but aren't yet sure if you're ready to take your performance to the next level, I may not be for you.  You don't have to be hyper-confident (that's what our work will produce), but you do have to be commited to giving our work together 100%
  • If you're not willing to look inside for the cause of the results outside.  Executive coaching is about developing a mindset, skillset, and toolset that will produce the external circumstances you want to see. 

Are Your Ready To Get Some Clarity and Raise Your Game?

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