How to eliminate the toughest problems in  your organization permanently... without hiring a consultant?

Learn the 8-Step Problem Solving Framework used by the best in the industry!  

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Learn the entire 8D Problem Solving Process....Step by Step!

Our virtual 8D Problem Solving Training covers the principles of the 8D process, walking participants through each and every step along the way.  Participants will gain a solid understanding of the process and receive guidance on the tools and outcomes with each and every step.

This course follows a structured approach for defining problems and identifying root causes to prevent recurrence.

This is the best investment in problem-solving training you will spend, AND THIS IS EXACTLY WHY...

This program is not build to simply train employees.  This was designed to be a tool and a reference while participants are actually solving problems!  Most courses teach the basics and leave the students to go implement what they've learned - after forgetting most of the material.  This program will be your key resource for getting the best results possible.  

How do we do it?  Here's how...

  • All students will receive access to a new module every week for the duration of the 9-module course. Most courses bombard students with all the material at once, leaving the participants to sift through the pile of material and ultimately stall progress due to overwhelm.  This "drip method" increases the probability of completion and comprehension as students are not overwhelmed with material and are given the material in the exact sequence it should be consumed.

  • All students will have exclusive access to the complete program for an ENTIRE YEAR! This means you can actually follow the course and steps in real time as you work to implement the process, as many times as you need!

  • The program is broken down into sections based on the steps of the 8D process.  If your team is struggling with a specific part, they can simply go to that section and watch the short videos that explain the many times as needed for an entire year!

  • Each section comes with an action item checklist to ensure no critical activities are overlooked!  After all, we're not just about training, we are about implementing and executing!

  • All materials are available 24/7 in our secure online learning center.

Here's just some of what we will accomplish together...

The Mindset of Problem Solving

Learn the approach to problem solving that will keep people engaged and interested in an effective outcome.  No more simply "walking through the motions"

Gathering an Effective Team

Learn who should be on an 8D team...and just as important...who shouldn't be on an 8D team.  Getting this right can make the difference between success and failure!

Problem Definition

Have you ever started to solve a problem only to realize you've drifted off and started solving something totally different?  This can be a costly and time-consuming mistake! Learn how to avoid this and other common errors that occur before the problem solving ever begins!

Protecting the Customer

While your team is working to solve the problem, how are you making sure the customer's not negatively impacted by the process?  We'll show you how and why it's so important to get this right!

Finding The Root Cause

The biggest mistake in problem solving in organizations is mistaking a symptom for the true cause of the problem.  Learn how to get to the root cause of any issue and prevent an unwanted repeat of the problem.

Choosing The Right Solution

There are typically multiple solutions to a given problem.  But chosing the wrong one can be costly!  Learn how to use decision-making tools to ensure you're focusing in on the right solution for your organization.

A Solution That Lasts

Unlike most classes, where you're on your own once the class is will have this course material to review every time you take on a new project!  It's like the gift that keeps on giving!  

I'm Kevin Shabaar Smith, and I'm Going to Be Your Problem Solving Coach for The Next Year!!

Kevin Shabaar Smith

  • Owner/CEO, The Kevin Shabaar Smith Co. & Leaderstone Brand Coaching
  • M.B.A Penn State University 
  • Certified Executive Coach, Trainer and Speaker
  • Certified ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 Trainer and Lead Auditor
  • Certified Human Capital Strategist
  • Certified Senior Professional in Human Resources
  • Lean Operations Champion
  • Six Sigma  Green Belt
  • Simplifier of Business Stuff

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