Learn How to Avoid the Five Critical Mistakes Keeping Your Quality Management System from Producing Results... Even if You're Just Starting Out!

How to Maintain an ISO 9001 Quality Management System That Actually Produces Results!

Learn the 5 Key Principles for a Quality Management System that doesn't leave you feeling like you're running in circles!


Learn a proven pathway for building an ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems  that will transform your system from "busy work" to "the way you get work done".  Get ready to breathe a sigh of relief! This is the critical information you've been waiting for!

Here's just some of what we'll learn together...

The "Certificate Myth"

You can have a nice looking ISO 9001 Certificate on your wall, but if you fall into this ONE single won't be worth the paper it was printed on.

The Most Fundamental Question

There's one question every person in your organization should know the answer to...but most likely doesn't.  And it's responsible for 90% of the finger pointing in an ISO 9001 Quality Management System.  Learn what it is and how to answer it! 

The Anatomy of Your Business

Learn why all business share a common anatomy.  Once you learn this gold nugget of information, you will never look at your organization the same way again!

Avoiding The Audit Trap

Learn whay most audits are awful, and what you need to remember in order to tranform your audits into one of the most valued assets in your organization.

The Biggest Mistake Ever

There is a 99% chance you're making this critical mistake right now...and it's costing you thousands of dollars every year...while silencing your employees along the way!

The Training Void

You'll learn the THREE things you should NEVER do while training your employees on ISO 9001....and how to avoid them on your way to achieving a "QMS by design".

This 3-Part Training Series is Just What the Doctor Ordered if....

  • You understand that chasing your quality management system is hurting your business.
  • You're frustrated because you know having a QMS is valuable if you could just get it dialed in.
  • You're excited to refresh your ISO 9001 QMS, but you're currently stuck "doing what you've always done'.
  • You're ready  to stop going through he motions, buckle down and get started seeing new results from your QMS

I'm Kevin Shabaar Smith, and I'll be your business coach for the next few days!

I'm Kevin Shabaar Smith.  I have been helping organizationas develop and maintain Quality Management Systems for over a decade now.

I've worked with brand new companies, and multi-million dollar organizations helping transform sluggish quality "control" programs into quality management systems that actually work for them!

How? By keeping things simple and avoiding the common pitfalls still plaguing us from "the old days".

And I want to help you set your company up for success show up for your customers in ALL your glory!

I want to help lift the weight of "going through the motions" off your back and help you build a quality management system by design...not by default.

If your ready to move from chaos to control..Let's get started.

Kevin Shabaar Smith

  • Owner/CEO, The Kevin Shabaar Smith Co. & Leaderstone Brand Coaching
  • M.B.A Penn State University 
  • Certified Quality Management Lead  Auditor for ISO 9001
  • Certified Quality Management Lead Auditor for IATF 16949 (automotive)
  • Certified Executive Coach, Trainer and Speaker
  • Certified Human Capital Strategist
  • Certified Senior Professional in Human Resources
  • Lean Operations Champion
  • Six Sigma  Green Belt
  • Simplifier of Business Stuff